Widow dating site

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Widow dating site

My pre-widow self wasn’t able to sympathize in the same ways. I don’t know yet if that will be true for me, but I can tell you that my depression really set in the closer I got to year two. Sometimes I can’t feel His comfort and I’m left with a decision to trust His promises and follow Him anyway.

The brand-new grievers with raw, fresh pain stay on my heart and in my prayers for months and months. It’s real and it’s a suppressive joy-stealing demon. I refuse to be stifled by its grip on me, so I’ll fight it every way I know how. I’ve chosen to do that, but I want to admit it hasn’t been easy.

I’m living proof that grief amnesia is a real thing.

When loss cracks you wide open and leaves you raw and exposed, you quickly learn what’s worth hard work and emotional energy and what’s not.

When one of the kids asks to hear a story, my mind finds fewer stories to share.

I’m sure memories will resurface at different times in life, but I want to have access to every single one at any given time.

As I slept, I reached for his hand, and it wasn’t there to hold. It perfectly summarizes the beginning of year two though.

It’s still a long road ahead, one I can’t look down for very long periods of time. So instead of dwelling in the hurt of relationships lost, I’m focusing on the new, beautiful people God has put on my path.I’m getting better at letting go of hurt, disappointment and negativity.I look back now and see that although it wasn’t pretty, it serves as proof that I can do hard things. This is mostly because I HAD to, not because of some phenomenal strength of character. I really struggled with disappointment and hurt over the loss of what I thought I somehow deserved from friends. I’m looking back today with a little more “extra grace.” Instead of clinging to hurt, I’m recognizing with gratitude the new people that have emerged in my life.The people who are genuinely concerned about me…the people who are sincerely praying for me and selflessly wrapping me in their love, support and friendship have risen to the top like rich cream.

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Year two is going to be about finding her and giving her what she needs.

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