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A list of Walpole’s obsolete spellings is given on page xliii.

It is often not possible to tell whether Walpole intended a capital, and the extra labour and expense of printing it (incorrectly, no doubt, in many cases), have not seemed to justify the securing of something which, to many is relatively unimportant. Square brackets indicate editorial emendation; angular brackets, the restoration of the manuscript where it is mutilated.” To read Lewis’s full explanation of the editorial method, view p. For selections of Walpole’s spellings that differ from modern usage and have been retained in the Yale Edition, refer to volume 1, p. Another editorial decision was to follow Walpole’s punctuation exactly, while that of his correspondents was normalized to some extent.

Browse by volumes: The Search screen also offers the option to browse all 48 volumes of Horace Walpole’s Correspondence.

One historian noted that the Yale project collected ‘more information about a single human life than was ever done before.’”—Bruce Jacobsen, New York Times When searching the electronic version of The Yale Edition of Horace Walpole’s Correspondence, researchers should be aware of Lewis’s original editorial method: “The first decision in editing this work was to publish the letters by correspondences and not chronologically.

The Advisory Committee, I believe, are now unanimous that this decision is the right one, since most of the major correspondences and many of the minor ones have a predominant subject. A much more difficult decision, and one in which the Advisory Committee are by no means unanimous, was what to do about ‘normalization.’ The decision was to retain Walpole’s punctuation and spelling of proper names, but to normalize other spellings and capitalization.

In addition, users may browse indexes created from the OCR text, including indexes by date of correspondence and by name of correspondent as well as indexes to the illustrations and appendices.

For more information about searching the electronic version of the Yale Edition, see the section below, “Searching, Browsing, Navigation and Display”.

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given us not only the text (complete and unexpurgated) of one of the eighteenth century’s great letter writers—a man conspicuous in its literature, art, history, politics, and gossip—but also, through the ample footnotes, a running commentary on almost every aspect of the life and thought of that century.