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Now aside from the fact that there are some issues with the way all of these bare ground wires are terminated in terms of the number of wires under each screw, the thing I want you to pay attention to is that they are all connected to their own little metal bar that is connected directly to the metal box itself.

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The reason for this is that there is a small amount of current that always flows on the neutral wire in the normal operation of appliances etc and you do not want that current running on the bare ground wires–these wires are connected to things you might touch and thus become a shock hazard.

So now let’s look at the electrical panel in the picture below. On the left side of the picture we can see all the bare copper wires that are all the equipment ground wires of the individual circuits.

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The grounding conductor will be connected to one or more of several options: Ground Rods, Metal Water Service Pipes, and/or Concrete Encased Electrodes (Sometimes called a UFER ground and consisting of the rebar in the foundation footings/foundation).

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