Nstextfield not updating

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Nstextfield not updating

At last, some (very early) working proof-of-concept of a native Mac OS X composited window. No Objective-C because I already hate this language ._. So if anyone wants to ponify their phone or tablet, they can get it here:https://github.com/Smithers888/Pony Paper It uses the same sprites as Desktop Ponies and currently has built-in:* The mane six (including Spike)* The cutie-mark crusaders* Celestia and Luna* The background six* Sunset Shimmer* Big Mc Intosh(You can also add your own ponies too, but this is a bit fiddly). Even though they still are a bit simplistic behavior-wise, here are two ponies from the "Princess Spike" episode. Find them (and all of the other characters) at the usual place here: And another movie done. How can I get the screensaver to simply place ponies on the screen as it is. - Added Greta, Grampa Gruff, Whoa Nelly and Stormy Flare by Bot-chan.- Corrected Leadwing's name.

If you go to our deviantart group (link in first post), you can find templates and tutorials there. onclick="return highlight('47596', true);" class="ref|collab|47567|47596"Two new additions to my ever-growing collection of Equestria Girls characters. Also included is a small update for the Royal Pegasus Guard (idle sprites are now animated and he'll occasionally sport a sterner look). Also, since "Minuette" is now canon, we may have to say goodbye to the name "Colgate" after all this time.714Well, Derpy is a special case, since the name has been canon, if only for a short while. On Resize(Event Args e) in _______________________________________________Desktop Ponies\Desktop Sprites\Sprite Management\Win Form Sprite Interface.cs:line 65 at System. An updated link for the full download can be found in the opening post.

Find them here: And to think this started as a small just-for-fun spriting project of the Mane 6 and spike. Also, despite the credits calling her Muffins, that name was never used during the episode itself. I'm sorry, but it looks like you'll have to explain your problem yourself after all, because I'm not going in there again. If you are running v1.57, you can also download a patch that includes just the new files.

Still hard to believe that by now there are more than 50 characters available for download. Colgate, fitting as the name may be, never was a canonical name. *shivers*Simply judging from your attachments though, my best guess is that you want to find a place to post your fanart? Initialize Buffer() in _______________________________________________Desktop Ponies\Desktop Sprites\Sprite Management\Alpha Form.cs:line 151 at Desktop Sprites. Alpha Form.get_Background Graphics() in _______________________________________________Desktop Ponies\Desktop Sprites\Sprite Management\Alpha Form.cs:line 63 at Desktop Sprites. Run the program and check the "Community Links" on the main menu for details.

Currently the code can be compiled under Linux and Windows. There is very rarely a pony at the left side of my screen. I am on a i Mac (Snow Leopard), and when I try to open it, it gives me this: "MZêˇˇ∏@Ä∫¥ Õ! This program cannot be run in DOS mode." Is there anything you can do to help? Guess I should have tried to reload after trying that last time. And yeah, I figured that I'd have to add the new tags to the ini's, so I did that ahead of time lol.

Let me know if this is insufficient: I am no Mac user at all, so I`m completely unaware of the version percentage among the community. Are you sure that your parents would approve of me discussing major plot elements of the show with you? "If you want to know more but really can't watch the show, you know that there's also a wiki, right? This is what it is: FATAL: An unexpected error occurred and Desktop Ponies must close. I just came home eary since I turned out not to be fully well.Instead, download a few, so that your phone creates a ponies folder on your SD card. Therefore I don't think the entire list of ponies is necessary every time.Then, download the zip from this thread and replace the contents of the ponies folder with the ponies folder from the zip. onclick="return highlight('47606', true);" class="ref|collab|47567|47606"It seems to be an abandoned project, so not everything works as intended, but most things work pretty well with it. If you make it hidden, and it opens with a button or something, that would definitely not be bad for loading times because you don’t need to render the ponies.- I see no easy way of searching for ponies in the pony editor. :3- Whenever I change some behavior attribute in the pony editor, it tends to kick me back to the top of the behaviors list.An updated download link can be found in the opening post. In general, ponies just wander around the screen.https://github.com/hidefromkgb/DPengine ← this is the project`s repository. An updated download link can be found in the opening post. EDIT: -found my answer- Sorry for the dumb question lol.Currently the code can be compiled under Linux and Windows. If you are running version 1.55 you will be offered a link to a patch download with just the changes.----That's quite alright. EDIT2: Is there a way to add new categories for better organization of other sprites added in?

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Look for «Windows 98» and «million» keywords in the previous thread if you`re interested. I already apologized for the lack of updates earlier in this thread. If you know C or Objective-C and understand (or at least want to learn) how to use Mac OS Quartz API, you`re welcome to participate in porting those 500 lines, which would mean native Mac support. In the meantime, I guess you could post about your OC here. If nopony knows then I guess it's time for another fanfiction.

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