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If we are looking for a visionary leader who would lead us from a fossil-fuel-based (and environmentally destructive) economy to a sustainable and clean low-carbon economy in Canada, then Trudeau is not that person.

When Trudeau was elected, there was a sense of hope in doing our part as a nation to really start reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Educating oneself about important issues is a key responsibility of all citizens in a healthy democracy.

To abdicate that responsibility is to encourage reckless, irresponsible government policy and action. However, for those informed on the issues, to say that Trudeau's name is mud is perhaps to date myself. UPDATE: In The Guardian, Bill Mc Kibben says the only thing differentiating Donald Trump and Trudeau on climate change is that the former is not a hypocrite about his disdain for the environment.

I hope Justin Trudeau has a vivid imagination and total recall. That the clown prince/neoliberal stooge's gambit in buying out the Trans Mountain pipeline is not going over well is evident on a number of fronts.

Trudeau and his enthusiastic embrace of the Paris climate targets feel deceived.While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent, "Sweetas" shall not be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.All social internet sites are age restricted, You must be 13 years of age or older to join Protecting your privacy and the personal information you provide us is a top priority at Sweetas.Sneha Singh, Mississauga Pierre Berton’s The Last Spike captured a moment when the Canadian government was in the railroad- building business. Will, at some point, Berton’s book get a sequel, perhaps The Last Spill? “We will not stand down no matter who buys this ill-fated and exorbitantly priced pipeline.” On Parliament Hill, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May called the purchase “an historic blunder with taxpayer dollars,” citing a document from the National Energy Board that says Kinder Morgan bought the existing pipeline from its previous owner for 0 million in 2007 — a far cry from what the Texas company will get by selling it to Ottawa, she said.Ken Luckhardt, Etobicoke“We are absolutely shocked and appalled that Canada is willingly investing taxpayers’ money in such a highly controversial fossil fuel expansion project,” said Grand Chief Stewart Philip, president of the Union of B. She also accused Trudeau’s government of writing a “blank cheque” for the pipeline’s construction costs, which Kinder Morgan has previously pegged at .4 billion. “I’m quite certain that this will go down as an epic financial, economic boondoggle.”The Council of Canadians, meanwhile, attacked Ottawa’s purchase as a “Big Oil bailout” that would not remove obstacles to the pipeline expansion.

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