Elements organizer updating

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Elements organizer updating

This program is good, but this 2018 version, needs an update for the disappearing numbers for when you do adjustments...I've contacted Adobe about the issue over 2months ago and no one can fix it...You may be responsible for state and local sales/use taxes when filing your tax returns. Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 is an easy-to-use, consumer-oriented photo editing application that will almost surely surprise you with how many features it actually has.There's pretty much nothing you can't do with it; your photos can be turned into true works of art after you go through the numerous effects, corrections, and other filters offered.

You can also select from instant themed templates and choose to use touch-enabled quick edits.

I do not do much video work but the combined price was worth getting both programs.

Someday I might work on video since most cameras shoot video now.

The Organizer displays a visual view of all your photos automatically sorted by date, subject, people, and places, and your videos sorted by date.

It also lets you see your best photos auto-curated according to quality, faces, subjects, and other criteria, and allows you to tag and find videos by people, places, and events.

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I thought I’d upgrade my Premiere Elements 13 only to find out that Premiere Elements 2018 will not support the audio in the video from my several Sony cameras in Windows 7.

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