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Datingvibe com

That mindset frees us from attempting to force a man to act differently.

That mindset frees us from pressure so we can sit back and get to know the person organically!

In the early stages, let men show you what they are willing to give without your input. A failed dating experience does not change or remove the good qualities you possess.

Let him initiate the pace of relationship and it develop organically. Listen and observe to assess his intentions while operating confidently. You’re still your unique person with much to offer.

There’s nothing wrong with that considering no one is being misled. What I do mean is that we must accept that dating is precarious.

Once we accept that some level of uncertainty is a part of dating, it takes some of the pressure off and we can experience dating for what it truly is; a selection process.

Make mental notes and adjustments along the way in response to what he gives. If he gives you more, you can meet him there but don’t go ahead of him and expect him to follow. Once we accept the precariousness of dating, it empowers us to date confidently, freely, and without so much pressure.

If he’s not putting forth effort, you can mentally put him in a category that requires the least attention and that’s it! It allows us to be at peace during the process which is how it should be.

You wouldn’t plan a relocation and set your mind on a new job that you haven’t confirmed you’ve indeed landed but we approach dating that way. Focusing on how the relationship or person is not meeting your expectation precisely, can lead to frustration, anxiety, and can stall the relationship.

(Making it through the early stages of dating)Dating is its own entity that brings about anxiety due to its nature.

This is an area of life where in actuality, we have no control.

“Black or White” Thinking: Being in a gray area is uncomfortable.

When we can’t define what is going on, it’s unsettling.

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The “black or white” approach is understandable but dating is precarious.

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