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Dating tips for those over 40

Think about it: How many hot 25 year olds have you seen with 40-year-old men?When you’re dating over 40, you’re closer to what most women find attractive than you probably were in your 20s and certainly in your early 20s.

The Art of Charm is here to tell you that it hasn’t.Some bars will have codes posted in their bathroom, so check out the location before you go on your date. Like online dating at any age, you should be careful and take the necessary steps to make sure that you are safe.While some of the tips above can seem like over kill or common knowledge, sometimes women need to be reminded of them, because we may forget something when we are very excited.However, being one of the single women over 40 who are trying to date means that you need to be careful.Here are some 40 plus dating tips to help you be safe on the first date.

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You don’t want to be dating a woman who only wants you for your money.