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Meanwhile, tens of thousands of pounds were pocketed in claims made using their victim’s names.In short, the Rafaels were running a business — a business built around slavery.Among the last remaining long-term residents of their inner-city street, the comings and goings at the rented mid-terrace Edwardian house raised an eyebrow or two.

Particularly large communities have grown up in Sheffield, where some 6,000 have settled, many around the Page Hall area.failure of some to integrate with existing ethnic communities caused, and continues to cause, serious issues.

When they complained at the lack of payment they were told: ‘In Britain, you have to earn money for Queen Elizabeth.’One who asked to leave the house to go for a walk was informed, ‘You are here to work not walk’ and was prevented from going outside.

Food was scarce, consisting of tiny portions of potato and goulash and mouldy hunks of bread.

‘The kids speak English as they go to school here, but most parents don’t.’Among their number is a sizeable contingent drawn from the Roma community.

In total, the UK’s Roma population is today put at somewhere between 200,000 and 500,000.

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The ring-leaders of the group were 33-year-old Roman Rafael and his brother Marian, 39.

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