Dating personals greatnow com

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Dating personals greatnow com

It hurts to admit it but as a trained therapist with over 25 years of experience, without any proof, validation or verification, I am many times unable to tell truth from fiction - no matter how many times I meet with a couple.Yet, in family court, a judge - with no psychological training or experience - can determine truth from fiction in less than 10 minutes.

Accordingly, if a mother makes a false allegation of being “fearful” and can get the court to order supervised visitation with the father - she just won the child support lottery.In family court, the mere allegation of being “fearful” of the father will typically get the mother a three (3) year restraining order against the father.Additionally, many cases end up with the father being ordered to parenting classes (money) anger management classes (more money), supervised visitation with their children (even more money) and a higher child support order (much more money).In family court (divorce court), the definition of spousal abuse is fleeting at best.For over 25 years I have observed spousal abuse as being any time a parent “feels” uncomfortable or “threatened.” This is to say in family court, spousal abuse is the act of making the other party “feel.” Sounds funny? Well, go to your local family law courthouse and find out where divorce and spousal abuse cases are being heard and then watch in amazement as you see the stories unfold.

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Outside of family court, there are few rewards for making false allegations.

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