Barneveld dating

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Barneveld dating

Barnevelder This breed was originated in the district of Barneveld, Holland, and stock was imported into this country about 1921, with the brown egg as one of the chief attractions.At first the birds were very mixed for markings, some being double laced, others single, while the majority followed a partridge or `stippled’ pattern.Belgian bantams are old-established True Bantams, without counterparts in large breeds.All of these breeds and varieties have many colour variations, some of them intricate and all attractive.It is not known how long Spitzhaubens have been bred there, but the very similar Brabanter from The Netherlands was depicted in seventeenth century paintings, so Appenzeller Spitzhaubens may date from the same period.The Appenzeller Barthuhner was developed in the 1860s from crosses between Brown Leghorns, Russian Beardeds and Polveranas (now extinct, related to Bearded Polands).

Asil This standard refers to the small Asil (often called ‘Reza’ Asil, which term actually applies only to birds of 3 1/2 – 4lbs, or ‘Rajah’ Asil – which is a term not used at all in India).

Standards which have been passed by the Poultry Club are gold and silver Brussbar; Brockbar; gold, silver and cream Legbar; gold and silver Cambar; gold and silver Dorbar; Rhodebar; silver Welbar; Wybar.

The cream Legbar, Legbar, Rhodebar, Welbar and Wybar standards are given below and all other standards for autosexing breeds are held by the Rare Poultry Society.

The Asil is probably the oldest known breed of gamefowl, having been bred in India for its fighting qualities for over 2000 years.

The name Asil is derived from Arabic and means ‘of long pedigree’.

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Andalusian Leonard Barber is believed to have been the first importer of chickens from the Andalucia region of Spain in 1846-7, but these had an assortment of plumage colours.

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